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Public Sector Overview

Public Sector leaders face challenges as they modernise their organisations and adapt their service offerings to better meet the needs of a changing population in a changing economic environment. There is increasing pressure to deliver value for money from public services and careful management is required to deliver value for money, while maintaining services delivery quality. Delivering value for money is an organisation-wide task. It requires engagement with all operational stakeholders to ensure improvements are achievable and sustainable. Inappropriate cost reduction activity can increase operational risk.

Distinct can help Public Sector leaders meet these immediate challenges by:

  • The delivery of measurable and sustainable cost reductions
  • The delivery of continuous improvement
  • Building a focus on the ongoing pursuit of excellence in their service operations

At Distinct we combine our Lean Six Sigma methodology with the development of a better understanding of customer needs, to deliver 'right first time'. Our service helps Public Sector organisations to more effectively:

  • Deliver services that are appropriate to the needs of citizens and other stakeholders
  • Ensure the optimum configuration of their organisation’s scarce resources and skills
  • Deliver quality services and achieve sustainable reductions in operational costs
  • Improve organisational agility and learning through continuous improvement

Distinct has the experience and expertise to support you in meeting these challenges.


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