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The key to your organisation’s success lies in understanding your customers and meeting their needs. Many organisations hold large quantities of data reflecting transactions and interactions with their customers, but do not have the time or skills to transform the raw data into valuable insight. At Distinct we have the expertise and tools to create valuable business intelligence. We apply statistical and data mining methods to help release the latent value in your data, we interpret the results and linking it to practical, actionable customer strategies. Distinct provides the outsourced facility and expert team that help you apply customer intelligence techniques and tools to drive value into your business. We deliver:

  • Expert data analysis to create insights that drive planning activities
  • Segmentation models which drive increased customer value
  • Sales propensity models which deliver market leading results
  • Churn models which drive effective retention strategies
  • Improved marketing return on investment 
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

At distinct we have developed iSuite, an analytical infrastructure that means you do not need to invest in expensive infrastructure or licence fees to start releasing the value from your data. We have utilised iSuite to deliver customer and operations intelligence for telecoms, insurance and banking clients. These insights form the foundation of programmes that manage performance, generate growth, reduce cost and manage risk.  

Results and solutions we have delivered include:

  • A 55% reduction in campaign costs for a large Irish insurer 
  • A 20% take-up on a telesales campaigns for a financial services provider
  • A four-fold increase in sales campaign conversion for a large Irish Insurer


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